How Much Are Invitations? March 07 2016, 0 Comments

“How much are invitations?” That is the number one question I get asked. The simple answer…costs vary widely.

There are many factors that go into determining the price of invitations, just like there are many factors that go into determining the price of a car. Asking a wedding stationery designer the cost of wedding invitations is kind of like asking a car salesman, “How much is a car?” As you know, costs vary widely depending on the style and features.

If you want a car “fully loaded,” the cost is, of course, going to be higher. Just like buying a car, if you want your wedding invitation sets to be “fully loaded,” the cost will be higher than a simple invitation.

In order to provide an accurate quote, we need to know more about your wants and needs.

1.  How many invitations/invitation sets do you need?

  • Please keep in mind, you will be sending one per household, not one per person.

2.  What style of invitation do you want?

  • Traditional Invitation:  The most common type of invitation is the traditional 5 x 7 invitation.
  • Square Invitation:  Square invitations come in 5.5, 6, 6.5, and 7-inch sizes. Please note: Postage is more for square invitations because they are an unusual shape.
  • Tea-Length Invitation:  These longer, skinnier invitations are 4 x 9.
  • Invitation with Rounded Corners:  Rounded corners add a modern look to your invitations.
  • Seal-n-Send Invitation:  These invitations come with a detachable RSVP card and fold up to create their own envelope. Please note: The post office requires mailing seals on the edges of the invitations to keep them closed in the mail.
  • Invitation with Belly Band:  A band wraps around the invitation to hold the enclosure cards in place. They are available plain or printed.
  • Pocket Style Invitation:  The invitation is adhered to a folder, and the enclosure cards stack neatly inside a pocket. Please note: Postage could be higher depending on the weight of the fully assembled invitations. We recommend having the post office weigh them before buying postage.
  • Die Cut Invitation:  Invitations are laser cut into unique shapes.

3.  What kind of paper do you prefer?

  • Matte (White or Ivory):  An uncoated, smooth card stock.
  • Gloss or Semi-Gloss (White):  A coated, shiny card stock; Recommended for solid color backgrounds or photos.
  • Felt Weave (White or Ivory):  A textured card stock; Almost looks like watercolor paper.

  • Linen (White or Ivory):  A subtle textured card stock; Looks like fibers in linen fabric.

  • Metallic Shimmer (White, Ivory, or Gold Leaf):  Metallic pearlescent card stock with subtle sparkles in the paper.

  • Brown Kraft:  A rustic, brown speckletone card stock.

4.  Do you need enclosure cards?  If so, how many?

  • RSVP
  • Accommodations
  • Directions
  • Registry
  • Other

5.  Do you want specialty envelopes?

  • Euro Flap
  • Square Envelopes
  • Lined Envelopes
  • Inner/Outer Envelopes
  • Guest Addressing Services

6.  Will there be a wrap or embellishment?

  • Belly Band
  • Ribbon
  • Lace

In addition to the cost of the invitations, sales tax will be added for clients in Illinois.

If you are interested in a quote, please email Be sure to include the number of invitations needed, the style of invitation, the type of paper you prefer, the number of enclosure cards needed, and any special requests.

If you prefer to talk in person, call 217-342-3946 or email to set up an appointment.