And the Winner Is... March 03 2014, 0 Comments

Did you watch the Oscars last night?  I thought Ellen did a great job.  Didn’t you just love the celebrities, the gowns, the performances, the film clips, the envelopes?

That’s right, the envelopes.  The actual envelope containing the names of the winners received a lot of “Oscar buzz” in the press.

Here are some facts about the hundreds of envelopes used at the Oscars:

  • Each one weighs a quarter-pound
  • Each envelope costs about $200
  • Each one requires 110 hours to make by hand

The designer of the envelopes, Marc Friedland, says that “the amount of emotion, spirit, heart and soul contained in that envelope will last a lifetime for that winner and will bring them back to that moment when their name was announced.”

With that kind of effect, perhaps brides should think about splurging on the many options that can make your invitations really stand out.  Jeweled embellishments, shimmer paper, and lined envelopes are just a few examples.  At Design Pro we have all kinds of colors, styles, and designs to choose from to make your invitations real winners!